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Up for sale is a Rommy G build that has been upgraded with a new finish and accessories. The kit was a matching numbers 1981 kit that was built on a Nodak receiver. The G was carefully sanded away and the finish was bead blasted and prfessionally hot blued. The stock is a KVAR NATO length stock set ($100 value in itself). Barrel is chrome lined, very nice and shiny, and has had less than 100 rounds down the pipe since it was built. Only two issues I can see are is the stock is sticking out by about 1/16 inch. Leaves a small gap, but does not affect the stability of the rifle at all, and one back rivet on the left side is slightly flat (not perfectly rounded). 922r parts are receiver, hammer, trigger, stock, pistol grip, handguards, and muzzle nut (1 extra than needed).

Comes with a Romanian magazine pouch, 2 synthetic slabside magazines (Bulgarian I believe), and a Romanian bayonet.

$525 shipped from Ohio. I can take discreet paypal (+2.5%), or money orders. First to post they will take it gets it. I would also consider trades in the form of one of the Century AK-74's or a Tantal +cash.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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