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I am traveling extensively this month on a veterans tour with Concerned Veterans for America. We will kick off the 15 city tour in Las Vegas at the Red Rock Harley Davidson, 2260 S. Rainbow Blvd, Las Vegas, NV.

During the next three weeks, many combat vets and authors will be traveling across the country to raise issues on the Defense of our country, the VA back log, out of control government spending as a security issue and a wide range of policy issues. Our line up will include some great folks including Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, "House to House" author and Silver Star recipient David Bellavia (still under consideration for the Medal of Honor), "Outlaw Platoon" author Sean Parnell, combat helicopter pilot Amber Barno, Gunnery Sergeant Jessie Jane Duff, and myself, author of "We Got Him!" among many others. While not all of us will be on the tour at the same time, Pete Hegseth and I will be on the tour the entire trip. You can follow us here and see if we are at a city near you:

Home | Defend Freedom Tour

- Las Vegas, NV 4 Oct
- San Diego, CA 5 Oct
- Oceanside, CA 5 Oct
- Los Angelas, CA 6 Oct
- Payson, AZ 7 Oct
- Mesa, AZ 7 Oct
- Albuquerque, NM 8 and 9 Oct
- Las Cruces, NM 9 Oct
- New Orleans, LA 11 Oct
- Metairie, LA 12 Oct
- Pensacola, FL 13 Oct
- The Villages, FL 14 Oct
- Jacksonville, FL 15 Oct
- Tallapoosa, GA 16 Oct
- Columbus, OH 19 Oct
- Cincinnati, OH 20 Oct
- Middle Town, KY 21 Oct
- Harrisonburg, VA 22 Oct
- Lynchburg, VA 22 Oct
- Richmond, VA, 23 Oct
- Norfolk, VA 24 Oct
- Virginia Beach, 24 Oct
- Fayetteville, NC 24 Oct
- Charlotte, NC 25 Oct
- Woodbridge, VA 26 Oct
- Manassas, VA 27 Oct

Would love to meet you if you join us on one of our stops.

Consequently, while I will still have a firm grasp of the daily operations of Two Rivers, Tim Davis will be running our shop in my absence. Work will continue with our guys as always. Please have a little patience if you cannot get me or I do not directly reply to you. In this mass media, twitter, Facebook, email age, remember that the telephone at our business still works pretty well. Also remember we are on Central Time when you call and if we don't answer, leave a message as we may be on the phone or cannot hear it due to machinery. We appreciate all of our customers and the great loyalty you have shown to us as we grow. Steve

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For those wanting to follow the tour, you can go to Home | Defend Freedom Tour, or you can find it on Facebook under Concerned Veterans for America.

Here is my latest commentary on Fox News about the fallen families not getting assistance to receive their fallen loved ones and also not being bale to have aid for travel to be by their seriously wounded loved ones. Steve


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2013-10-05 15.27.48.jpg

With Gov. Rick Perry and Sean Parnell (best selling author of Outlaw Platoon)


With Miss Kansas (SGT Theresa Vail), Karen Vaughn (Mother of Aaron Vaughn, Seal Team 6 veteran KIA in Afghanistan in Aug 2011), and Jane Horton (wife of Army Sniper Chris Horton, KIA in Afghanistan in Sep 2011).

2013-10-21 14.55.34.jpg

With Sgt. Dakota Meyer, USMC, first living recipient of the Medal of Honor since Vietnam for actions in Afghanistan in 2009.

We are making a great impact across the country. Follow our efforts at Home | Defend Freedom Tour

Will get back home at the end of the month. Thanks for your patience with Two Rivers as the guys hold down the fort in my absence this month. Steve
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