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unfinished 555th jig pieces price drop

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I had some 1/4" and 3/4" prescision ground carbon steel water-jet cut to the dimensions of the 555th jig. I have two extra sets I would like to sell or trade. The pieces are the two 1/4" sides with the recess hole for mag dimples, one 1/4 plate cut that is used to bolt the flat on with out any holes, and the middle 3/4" piece cut to the specified dimensions with out holes. These could be easily finished with just a drill press. I would drill and tap the 3/4" piece for myself, but do as you wish. The 3/4" center section is a bit rough. The water jet acted up due to the thickness, but a lttle grinding and it should work fine knowing the outside pieces look great.

I would like to sell them for $65.00 a piece, but if no grabbers I will finish drilling the holes and make the other piece required to press flats and sell for more as finished.

I would be willing to trade one set for two laminated lower hand guards with the bulged sides.

Willing to consider trades for mags as well.

Send me a PM if interested and I will send photos.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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