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underfolder slop

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I got my Yugo underfolder today and was pleased to find out it didn't have a canted sight but it does have some slight slop in the folder. I have read that after you put alot of rounds through one the folder gets a little side to side play in it but mine has some slight play up and down. Is this normal or not?
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I think it is normal to have a little up and down play. I also have a Century Yugo M70AB2 and it also has a small amount of vertical play. These are built from weapons that probably saw some combat use. I wouldn't fret about it too much. They are still great shooters.
Double post, sorry
you may try to get another turn on the nut
It is "normal" considering they are used parts built on a replacement receiver that has the holes of a "one size fits all" for the folder locking tabs.

When built new the underfolders are actually hand fitted to each receiver and have a tight lock up. Problem is a tolerance stack up of somewhat worn lock tabs on the underfolder mechanism and new receivers that made for drop in fitting during assembly rather than hand fitted. Hence the slop we now see and is considered "normal".
you may try to get another turn on the nut
it is a pretty easy fix :grin:
The lock tabs usually have a 'step' in them. If you file this part away (at your own risk!) you can get deeper engagement.

I did this to a Polish stock I installed on a Maadi ARM (before I knew better), seeking an AKMS look. It does provide very solid lockup.
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