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U.S. made unfinished wood?

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I was wondering if there is any place that sells unfinished U.S made wood stocks, handguards, and grips for AKs. I saw that the SERIII rifles were built with new russian style wood, and I would like to use similar stuff. All that I am really looking for would be the handguards with the russian style bulges, but for compliance parts, it would be nice to know of a place that has them. Any info will be of great help, thanks.
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Website won't load. Anyone else have this problem?
looks like the site is down right now.
The wood on the new SER is from Ironwood so you're on the right track.
Still no ironwood webpage. I'll try using internet explorer.
last time i was on the ironwood website they where all sold out of ak-47 wood. they where in the process of getting new inventory or something to that sort.
sights back up now
Nice stuff. Is there a U.S made marking on these somewhere?

Any other companies, or just ironwood?
Kuban makes real nice US furniture. He is a member here.

Just the other day I received a buttstock from Matt at Ironwood. It is for a Hungarian AKM 63 clone I am building. It looks (to me) exactly like the original part, absolutely beautiful blonde beech wood. I couldn't believe it when I went to see what kind of fitting I was going to have to do, mating it to the receiver. It slipped right in and fit perfectly up to the receiver. All I have to do is drill the holes for the trunion, buttplate, swivel and apply a finish. You might have to wait some to get his products but they are worth it and he listens to what AK builders want and does his best to accomodate us.
Ironwood Designs Troubles

Ironwood Designs make beautiful work. Furniture Matt made for my friend O.J. made me a believer. But, a word of caution here. For two months I have not been able to complete any of my Tantals. Have been banking on IWD furniture to complete the compliance parts that never come.

Matt has been quite successful in the “custom” work business. But he has apparently decided to take several very large orders, much larger than previous large business he’s taken. The problem is I do not think he is (or was) set up to fully support a such high volume business, and not at all to support both the high volume AND his current base of custom customers. I am sure he is making adjustments everywhere, but in the mean time many orders placed the last 2 months or so have not shipped, my two orders included.

That does not bother me as much as the fact that, 1) he is no longer replying to my emails, and, 2) when I get him on the phone I get promises he does not fulfill, and he’s made many. For a week I have been debating if I should just cancel the order and ask for a refund, get a couple of gas pistons and cheap looking pistol grips and get it over with.

I think you can take a chance if the stuff you are looking for is already “on hand”. But, if he needs make them from scratch, sit back and relax, or go to Hawaii on vacation or something. Don’t expect it any time soon.
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Is it really that long of a wait? How long does it normally take for IWD to ship out an order? Does anyone else have an order that has taken a long time?
Also, is their stuff made to order or is it made before hand?
I have ordered from IW a number of times. His work is beautiful. Some pieces I got in two weeks. Some in a couple months. Always worth the wait!
Hell, I have an order with NDS since mid May that now won't be filled until the end of July (Maybe.)
These business's are swamped. All you can do is be patient.

Here's my Iron Wood sets!

Every time I look at this stuff, I know it was worth waiting on.
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Matt has a post discussing his back log and that replies will be delayed in his forum on this site. Here is a link to his post.


Hope this helps.
z_recto makes some killer pgrips.i need to order one for my aes10b.
Which set is most like the russian AKM furniture, the maadi (#2E) or romanian (#2R)? I mean like the set on Sidecar's KP rifle, but with the full stock. I ask because their website doesn't really distinguish between the two types of set.
Either seems to be authentic.
But it really depends on what type you are imitating.
I was thinking of more along the lines of the later AKM type (1970's) with the very visable layers in the laminate and the pronounced bulges on the LHG.
I know I'm a new guy and as such often have a tendency to stay out of your discussions because I am after all only enjoying a resurgence of interest in the grand ole rifle. I have posted a few questions to Matt recently and have been forewarned that any current orders are a good 2.5 to 3 weeks out. FWIW having been around custom rifle stock builders going back into the 1960's that is not too far out of order, especially if his work has the appearance of the rifles posted on this thread. I have asked him if he can build a replacement "butthole" stock for my Norinco, so I can stay within compliance without adding or modifying anything else on the rifle, at least thats the way I understand the ruling. Otherwise I'd have something built on the order of that beautiful Tabuk style rifle on previous pics.
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