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Hello i have a few questions about side optic rails for AK variants.

I recently purchased two different types of PK-A optics for my AK's and neither of them fit on several of my rifles. Id like to see if anyone has any knowledge on the subject and has any technical insight.

I have the Universal PK-A sold by kalinka optics and the Venezuelan PK-A. I have two home built ak 74 using ak builder flats one is a side folder with the rear trunnion holes already located so the rear rivet location for the rail is pre set for you. Also have Arsenal SAM7k these optics will not fit. The issue with these optics is that they sit too low to the top cover and rub or the optics rail in some cases is so low the optic will not even begin to slide on, this is the case with the SAM7k. I have an optics rail from Tantals site which is for a Tantal the measurements in the instructions require between 10.5mm to 11mm from the top of the receiver rail to the top of the optics rail. For these optics top work on my rifles it would need to be on the high side at 11mm.
The Arsenal SAM7K optics rail measures 11.6mm from the top receiver rails to the top of the optics rail.
The others i have measure in the 10.5mm to 10.70mm range.
The only firearms these fit is my cheap ass wasr and one of my first ak 74 builds the venezuelan optic just contacts the top cover slightly. The only other AK optic i have is and Obzor which sits so high this has never been an issue it fits everything.

The AK builder side folder flat in question the rear rivet hole measures approximately 21mm down from the top of the receiver rail to center of the hole. with the current rails i have this would place the optics rail roughly 11.8mm down from the top of the receiver rail. Note these are new US made rails the ones i have installed on my ak 74s are original bulgarian rails.

I have two tula kits im currently working one on a form 1 for sbr and the other will have a fake can pinned on. I would like to use these optics for these and i am using the ak builder side folder flat.

Question #1

What is the appropriate measurement from the top of the receiver rails to the top of the optic rail for ak-74 and ak 47 variants.

Question #2

What is the acceptable tolerance for deviation between Squareness with the top of the receiver rails in relation to the optics rail.

Question #3

What is the appropriate measurement for the rear trunnion rivet hole that the optics rail picks up.

Question #4

Would it be recommended to oversize the rear rivet hole in order to shift the rail up a few thousands in order to gain clearance over the top cover. I have a lathe i can make a replacement rivet/rivets to whatever size i need.

Sorry this has been such long winded and probably confusing. Let me know if anyone has some advice or has encountered this.

Thanks in advance for any comments or stones cast.

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I have been researching the Venezuelan PK-A with the intention of purchasing one of them and as I understand the optic sets just a couple milimeters above the dust cover as normal.
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