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As an "OWNER", how would your rate your USA DDI AK-47?

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Ok. Let's keep this simple and clear:

A Final Place for Reviews of American Made DDI AK47's
NOTE: This is NOT the place for inexperienced or uninterested parties to praise, mock, troll, bash, flame, or otherwise discuss anything "UNRELATED" to the USA DDI47.

  • "USA DDI47" - All-American made DDI AK47 variants. This excludes imported parts models, and AK74's, etc.
  • "OWNER" - A person who has both owned AND handled an American-made DDI AK47
  • "INQUIRER" - A non-"OWNER" with honest interest in factual information and/or personal user experience from a USA DDI47 "OWNER" or other "INQUIRER"
  • "REVIEW" - An "OWNERS" first-hand, accounted experience with the USA DDI47
  • "UNRELATED" - Posts that are neither a "REVIEW" nor an honest inquiry specifically related to the USA DDI AK47.

  • Please DO NOT vote unless you are an actual "OWNER" as defined above.
  • "OWNERS" should vote only 1 time for each applicable rifle they've own(ed)
  • "OWNERS", if you do not think your experience is adequate, mark that option in the poll. Otherwise, please rate your rifle experience with 0-5 stars

  • Posting in this thread is for "OWNERS" and serious "INQUIRERS" only, as defined above.
  • Please do not post "UNRELATED" comments. This includes stories, pictures, videos, or any other experiences, facts, information, or any other posts, even from "OWNERS", that is not your own, personal, physical experience.
  • People repeatedly posting "UNRELATED" comments will be reported to moderators.

Please be considerate of others, and enjoy the experienced discussion USA-made DDI AK47's!!!

I'll start us off with a review and photos.....


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I call this "East meets West".... my ideal AK47 build (to date LOL).

(Current Shot Count: 190 rounds )

It's an all-American DDI a modern rail/optic, just with Russian furniture, bayonet, Izzy bakelites/grip, etc :)

I sold my RAS47 for $650 and bought a DDI47 for $900, all american "trinity" of trunnion/bolt/carrier, with traditional features, fixed stock, rod, lugs, polymer, etc. Then I replaced all the plastics with authentic Russian wood, slings, etc. I was going for the best of both worlds. And It's B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!

-Local, American manufacture
-Warranty and interchangeable parts
-Finish is very durable and scratch resistant (Fenocite)
-Everything came aligned
-Rivets are all perfect
-Decent trigger
-ALL USA Trunnion/Bolt/Carrier :)
- $900 flat AIMS Surplus :) No tax, No shipping, just $900 plus $30 FFL.
- Plastics are perfectly capable and functional (heat shield, sling mounts, etc)
- safety and other levers move easily, but are snug. Everything is snug really.

- finish feels a bit "gritty".
- Plastic "feels" cheap. It's really not though. Quite sturdy. Great heat shields, etc. Matte finish. It just has a hollow sound to it that gave me a cheap first impression
- I woulda loved a Nickel-plated bolt/carrier :)
- Only 1mm receiver instead of 1.5mm body. If Century Arms RAS47 can have a 1.5mm, why not DDI??? It would be great for that added stiffness during firing.
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