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The unassembled parts kit might be worth $600 or so, but you would have to figure in the cost of the receiver and then the cost of building it into a working rifle. Depending on the receiver and builder, My 2 cents would place a value of about $1200 or so.
Yep, that's what I meant. Sorry if not clear. Indykid nailed it.

The bottom of the receiver doesn't have any stamping?
That's a bit of the unknown. Might be a receiver from a flat? Home build? Could be good, could be trash.

It's a gamble if you can't handle it or test fire it for functionality. I've bought a couple 'home builds' that have been very good, but both were vetted by members in good standing here or on AK Files. They 'knew' the rifles.

Could be worth nothing more than parts, around $600. If it's a good rifle, even if home built, I'm with Indykid at around $1200. $1500 is just too high for an unknown builder/condition.
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