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Tantal wire stocks and replacing it...

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I'd like to put a different one on besides that wire one. Its too short for my arms and I dont want to put a huge pad on the end of it. I'd like to put a triangle side folder on it, but where do I get one that will fit? I know about Ace folders, but I'd rather stay as eastern bloc as possible with it.

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damn, how long are your arms????
If you remove the folding mechanism and wire stock (two roll pins and a screw to remove) what your left with is basically a fixed stock trunnion.... so anything that you can mount onto a fixed stock trunnion. The triangle folder requires quite a few mods and if your using the selector on the left side it may not work. One of the after market K-var type triangle folders that mount up to fixed trunnions might work. Those tack on a few more inches in length too I think.

If it were me, I'd just stick with the wire folder.. or stick with something that requires no permanent mods.
SA58 is right on about removeing wire stock. on mine I removed the pins and screw and replaced the wire stock with wood and I love it. And I can put the wire stock back on if I want to. The only mod I did was drill and tap the 2nd hole so I do'nt have to mess with the pins. also you will have to remove the grip to remove the folding assy. good luck
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