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TPC has a few great boot camps on schedule for the next three months. If you have been looking for training, come visit us in St George, UT! Our curriculum is developed to the latest techniques by the director of training Ron Avery.

The TPC Handgun Boot Camp builds a solid foundation of core technique; specifically adapted to you, your shooting goals, and the equipment you choose to use. along with mental, physical and emotional discipline.

It is an intense 3-day course that fully utilizes the time we have with you – both daytime and evening – because we realize your time and investment is valuable. Average round count is 1700 rounds. We train hard, staying on the range all day.

Using the best training methodology in the world for teaching reactive shooting, you will put those principles into practice with shooting exercises, drills and training challenges. Mindset, discipline, perseverance, technique and gear will be rigorously tested.

Each day, we will encourage you to “up your performance” and increase your personal bests. We will measure your overall performance through challenge exercises and competitions. You will be competing with your fellow students as part of the exercises. These are fun, add stress, and let you know where you really stand.

Expect to feel challenged, expect to be tired, and expect to feel exhilarated as you reach a new personal best of shooting performance under pressure.

Tactical Performance Center is located in St George, UT. About two hours out of Las Vegas.

For more information visit our website at


As a special deal for Calguns Members, use coupon code FORUM25 to save 25% off the class admission!

Upcoming classes are
May 20-22
June 3-5
July 8-10
July 22-24
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