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Tabuk stock from ironwood...comments?

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Hey guys,

I am going to get a yugo stock set from ironwood for my m72.

I see hes got an interesting Tabuk style for the rear stock.

Anyone have one, and do you like it?

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Mine is beautiful, and great finish.

You won't be disappointed!

These are pics of my M90 .308 with the Tabuk stock from Ironwood. Excellent workmanship! The pistol grip is a scaled down Yugo grip also by Ironwood.
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Nice man :twisted:

That does look bad A$$. Thanks for showing me what it looks like on a rifle.

I was just worried it might not have been enough to support the rpk with it being hollow, but if it holds up well for your .308 it should be fine!

Did the PG come with the metal braket to?

Yes, it did. The PG is scaled to fit the standard fat grip ferrule. Original Yugo really fat ferrules are nonexistent on the market.
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