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swaping out a front sight block...can i do it w/o a press?

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I got myself an ak 74 barrel, w/ bayonet lug and threaded barrel. I live in a ban state, so both those features have to come off, or at least the lug does and I need to permanently attach a muzzle break. I don't really know much about 24mm breaks, so I don't know if I want to make one a permanent part of my rifle. I like the flash hider avaliable in 24mm, but It's another no-no in my state. that being said, I have a replacement front sight block w/o threads or a lug. Is it possible to swap these parts out with hand tools or will I need a press?
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A press will make short work of it but it is doable with other tools. Take a notched piece of steel @1/4" thick to support the FSB on a vice. Take a 1/2" shoulder bolt and grind the threads off (to work as a pilot). Use either brass or copper washers to go against the crown and hammer out the barrel from the FSB. To install support the barrel at the GB and tap the new FSB, drill and pin. Done.
Hi JK-47

I hope I understand your situation clearly. If you have an AK-74 barrel complete already with an original front sight base you should sell it complete and just buy a plain AK74 barrel without a FSB so you can easily install your State's compliant parts. Don't take apart a perfectly good AK-74 barrel set up when you could sell it for a lot of money.

K-Var has the plain barrel for around $90.00 while you could easily sell yours for $200.00+ and save yourself the trouble of taking off the original sight, if I am understanding your problem.

Heck, I have a plain new AK-74 barrel and might be willing to trade you plus some cash, most especialy if your barrel includes an intact gas block along with the front sight base.

PLEASE don't take apart a complete barrel assymbly, in any case. Let me know in a reply if you are interested in a trade/buy and I'll get you my e-mail address.

Best of Luck in your build
Thanks for the advice, its a complete front end: trunion, matched bolt, carrier and complete barrel.

Norge- Whats stopping you from just installing the parts you want on your barrel? wouldn't the end result be the same?
Hi again JK-47,

Sure, I could just install the parts I want on the barrel but that is more work for me since I live in a state where there are no restrictions on bayonet lugs or removable muzzle attatchments so it would be easier and cheaper to install a complete barrel in original configuration.

Your case is different however, since you may be required to butcher your pieces to fit your state's laws. A front sight base and gas block with the threads removed and bayonet lugs ground down are much cheaper than those which retain them. Check out the prices from venders and you'll see what I mean. For example an AK-74 front sight base on K-Var modified as you have described would only cost $9.29 while a bayonet lug and threads intact version will cost $84.49, it is worth almost 10 times as much! The gas block is the same story.

Your complete military style barrel assymbly is worth much more intact and will continue to go up in value since there is now a barrel import ban. There are only so many of these in country so I'd hate to see it butchered and you cheating yourself out of its real value.

Putting the barrel assymbly together is the easiest part of an AK build so just build a version for your states regulations from the ground up using the cheaper parts is the best way to go in your case. It also saves you the pain of grinding away valuable military features that could be used in other states or the pain/risk of removing the parts for replacement. It is much easier to get them on than off.

There is no advantage in using an original headspaced barrel UNLESS you are doing a screw build (which I do NOT recommend) since it will have to be pressed out of the trunnion and reheadspaced anyway so the trunnion can be riveted to the receiver. Save yourself the trouble of having to press it out and in again by using a virgin trunion and barrel.

Please let me know if you have any questions. I really just hate to see original parts destroyed and would hate to see you lose value in the process. If you are strapped for cash I would gladly trade/buy the parts you have so you can finish your build but if you are good money wise keep the assymbly and watch it go up in value.

The AK-74 muzzle brake is an excellent design for reducing recoil and to stop climbing in rapid fire, so if you like the look I think it would be fine as a perm install.

I hope I understand your situation, let me know if I have made any wrong assumptions and feel free to ask any questions to help you in aquiring parts or on your build.
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