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Stuff for sale ... (Makarov, AR, HK USP, Glock 26) UPDATED..

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Hello I have the following items for sale all are as new unless noted. Prices include shipping.. Email for questions or pics... Paypal preferred...

1- Bulgarian black Makarov grip w/ thumbrest ---$10.00

1-East German black bakelite Makarov grip with lanyard attached has some scratches and handling marks --- $10.00

1- Minty East German black bakelite makarov grip ---$15.00**SPF**

1-Black leather triple k belt slide with thumbsnap Makarov holster new in box.. --- $20.00 **SPF**

1- Troy Industries FDE single point sling with HK hook ---$25.00

1- Unknown make (well made) OD green Bungee single point sling with HK hook---$20.00

1-Cold Steel Safekeeper II with Kydex sheath --- $25.00 ****SPF*****

1-Emerson Commander with some handling marks --- $75.00**SPF**

1- Khaki Russian Krinkov Sling --- $20.00 ****SPF*****

1- Yankee Hill Machine and Tool picatinny rail riser
http://www.cheaperthandirt.com/ARR9474-7.html --- $20.00

2- AR15/M4 black A2 pistol grips --- $10 ea.

1- Galco black small of the back holster for Glock 26
http://www.gilbertsguns.com/Holsters/Ga ... -27+Pistol -- $40.00

1-Galco plain black leather double mag holder with snap back for double stack mags ( glock & hk ) back reads model # 29 4
http://www.copsplus.com/prodnum2890.php --- $20.00

1- Bladetech double magazine holder for HK USP or like magazines
http://www.topgunsupply.com/Blade-Tech- ... r-444.html --- $20.00 **SPF**

1-Aker flatsider black thumbsnap holster for HK USP
http://www.akerleather.com/images/product_pix/168.jpg --- $25.00

***NEW***1- lightly used (no longer made) Autoburst KRIS handguards for aks-74u krinkov with rare upper / lower rail will include knights armament fore grip.. --- $175.00 ***SPF TO chinook

Will be updated again in a few ... :dance: :dance:
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krink sling SPF
krink sling SPF :mrgreen:
1-Cold Steel Safekeeper II with Kydex sheath - I will take it per PM
Bump :grin:
will trade for mak or ak74 stuff :grin:
yes I did sorry I didn't let you know... All items were shipped USPS priority mail ... Let me know when everyone gets their stuff ...
Items added and prices lowered..
I'll take the Autoburst handguards.
Chinook snagged the KRIS .. :smile:
andrew10736 said:
Chinook snagged the KRIS .. :smile:
Damn!, Seconds
1-Black leather triple k belt slide with thumbsnap Makarov holster new in box.. --- $20.00
Do you have a pic of this??
i'll sell my Kris Autoburst if anyone's interested, $195 (vertical grip not included)Discreet PAYPAL only:

[email protected]

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Some stuff still available :grin:
PM sent regarding the Troy FDE Single Point sling.
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