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Courtesy of Stottman

"Been bored the last few days, so decided to take pics of some of the AK related canvas collection.. It just sits in my closet, so will show it off a bit, as well as help others ID stuff... All the pouches have been purchases as accessories for kits and or builds that I have..

For now, I just have done the mag pouches.. Maybe later, I will do slings, drop/carry cases and/or scopes.

Anyways, not meant to be anything set in stone.. If you have anything to add or correct, by all means do. These are just the ones I have....

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics.."


First AK-47. Been told by the Russians that these are 1949-55, but the only ones I have seen (coming from both Russia and Ukraine) were dated 1953..

Late AK-47, early AKM.. Been told by the Russians that these were issued in 1955 on, but have seen some stamped 1953.. 1963 is the last stamp that I have seen, but could be later.

AKM- These come in assorted colors.. All have the same construction layout with space for 3 30rd mags. Have seen them dated 1965 to 1988.

Early version; Dated before 1970, with canvas pocket cover

Late, after about 1970, with leather pocket cover

AK-74. These come in different colored leather trim. . There doesnt seem to be any pattern to it. Only had a few batches of these, all from the late 80s.

Many Russian pouches have a little wood placard sewn on the flap for the soldiers ID.. I was lucky to get a 74 pouch with a fresh one.. For fun, I added my name in Russian-

Modern AK-74 pouch- These seem to be a little roomier then the Soviet era...Not sure if its just a manufacturing variation, or intentional.

RPK drum pouch. These are meant to be left on the drum when it is in the weapon-

RPK 40rd mag pouch. 4 mags, and with a carry strap-

RPK74. Top one is earlier dated, other is dated 1988.... Just to show the manufacturing variations-

East Germany

Early AK-47/AKM, 2 variations-


Standard AK-74-

Late AK-74-


Earlier AK-47-

Later AK-47-



RPK drum pouch-

AK74 magazine pouch. 4 cell.


AMD65 20 rd mag pouch-


Valmet M62 magazine pouch:

North Korea; This pouch is supposed to be an original, and cost an arm and a leg; While it does match the one N.Korean sling, it is a little too clean and nice to be a battlefield capture (which a N.Korean pouch would have to be). Makes me wonder. -



Early sling with leather end; Have had 1951 and 1952.

Sling with metal end.. Most have the metal painted green- Have seen 1952 to 1977..

Others, have bare metal.. Not sure if its galvenized- No pattern to it....

Standard sling with galvenized metal. Have seen 1979 to present..

Latest sling with galvenized metal and two D-rings; Some have said these were created for the commercial market, but have seen Russian Police using the same sling on an AKS74U-

Early leather slings; Not sure what the deal is on these.....These came via Ukraine-

Date stamps; Each factory had their own unique stamp.. They have the name of the factory (normally some Communist crap) and the year.... Most of the slings I have all came from the same Army depot in the Izhevsk area, so are all pretty much the same... Here are the ones from my personal collection.. Will add more as time goes on..

















1982; Have seen the same stamp with 1988 and 1979 as well.

1988; Have seen the same stamp dated 1979 as well..

Bulgarian black sling; Came to me as part of an Bulgarian AKS74U basic issue items pack-

Bulgarian green sling; Came to me as part of a Bulgarian AK47 basic issue items pack-

North Korean sling;

East Germany:

RPK sling:

Drop cases
Soviet Union/Russia


AKMS/AKS74 drop case; Same design for both.

Not for the AK, but might be sold for it; SVD drop case;

RPK74 drop case:

East Germany:
Light machine gun drop case; Similar cases are also made by Russia; These are probably actually from the RPD, but they will fit the RPK;

If anyone has any to submit, please do.
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Should be a sticky. First rate stuff!

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I wonder why the ComBlk countries had their soldiers carry all the mags in one pouch hanging on the right front ,just seems like a vary uncomfortable way of doing it.

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I wonder why the ComBlk countries had their soldiers carry all the mags in one pouch hanging on the right front ,just seems like a vary uncomfortable way of doing it.
Shrug. No more awkward than the current US fashion of wearing them all on the belly.

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