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Steel Izzy side stamped mag questions

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What is one of these mags worth? Are they rare or just uncommon? Are there any with the Tula star stamp on them? Do these mags have any markings on the spine? I don't know much about these, that's why I have so many questions. If you have any of these, feel free to post pics of them and in particular, any markings they may have.

Borrowed from gunbroker
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To my knowledge, I don't believe there were any side-stamped Tula magazines like that. Not to say the Tula magazine plant didn't make a few prototypes that remained at their factory, but I don't think any were ever fielded.

It's unfortunate they didn't though - a side-stamped Tula magazine would be neat.
These izzy side stamps hit the market about 3 months ago and went for around $50+-...they're down to as low as $30 now...most have a "small" traingle arrow stamped on them but there are a few rollin around that have a "large" triangle arrow stamping on them...like rayman1 said, only izzy side stamps...no tulas.
Afraid I dont know much about their background, but I do know I have'nt seen a Tula manufactured side stamp. I think rare would be the wrong word for these. Uncommon is a more fair descriptor in my opinion.

I paid just over $30. shipped, right here on our marketplace. Condition was practicly new. I dont remember for sure, but I think they came from CDNN. I dont recall any other company having them. It was a luck of the draw situation also, they refused to hand pick.
There are Tula-stamped steel magazines. Not super rare but not real common, either. Every once in a while you can turn one up going through a box of magazines somewhere.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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