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I'm out of work so I need to sell this.

NEW In Original Box, Waffen Werks AK-74 Rifle with Plum furniture. Comes with 1 NEW Tapco 30 rd. AK-74 mag, bakelite color. Rifle was test fired by WW ONLY.

I'll add a NEW Bulgarian AK-74 Buttstock Cleaning Kit and a New Old Stock Bulgarian canvas AK sling FREE. The cleaning kit and sling do not come with the WW rifles and must be purchased separately.

Your FFL must accept shipment from me, an Individual. Cross posted, time stamp rules.

I recently paid $689.99 plus shipping from Classic for the rifle with 1 mag. I have NOT fired one round through this rifle.

*** MY PRICE: $ 650. Plus Shipping Firm. $650. Face To Face Possible in my AO. ***

@@@ Add 4 - Black, Excellent 30 rd. Bulgarian AK-74 Mags for $ 750. Plus [email protected]@@

The FSB, Gas Block, RSB, Front & Rear Trunnions are all straight. The rivets are Excellent. Everything is right with this rifle. I'm only selling it because I need the money.

If you have any questions please feel free to IM me. IM is the ONLY form of commo. Please Do NOT Email Me Because I don't check email often.
What's your bottom dollar questions will be Ignored.

SOLD ONLY Where Legal. All Federal, State & Local Laws Apply.

First Unconditional " I'll Take it " IM gets it.

Payment via U.S. Postal Service Money Order or Cash. I will accept a Check, Bank Money Order, Walmart M.O. etc. from any Member in Good Standing. CASH, American money only for FTF.
No Credit Cards. Sorry No Paypal. No Trades.

Payment must be RECEIVED by me, the Seller, within 7 CALENDAR days of the close of the sale OR the item will be Relisted and you will receive Negative Feedback. I've received First Class Mail from AK within 7 days. If you can't get a payment into any member's hand within 7 days then you really have no business buying anything in the marketplace . It's an unwritten rule, a Gentlemen's agreement that if you're doing business on a forum like this you should send the money out ASAP.

I will ship the day I receive your payment or the next depending on when my mail arrives and my schedule.
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