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SPF!!!! Lot Of Nice AR Stuff For CHEAP!!!

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I have a large amount of AR items that have been laying around for sometime. Instead of parting it all out and selling the items individually I am selling it all as one lot. I Also have a bunch of AK items listed as well... I would like to get $500 plus shipping for everything... Feel free to email me any offers. I am not wanting to separate any items unless there is something that you are REALLY wanting and are willing to pay for... If you are interested in a individual item please email me a offer but realize that items are discounted for bulk sale. Low ball offers will be ignored.


3 green & 1 blk Ergo grips NIW...
2 NIW Tango Down Battle grips Black
1 Black SAW styled grip NIW
1 Blk DPMS??? grip

1 Vltor styled rail set green with matching grip... cheap but seems to be decent quality
1 Vltor styled buttstock
1 versapod bipod copy with mount
1 surefire styled light. very solid lots of metal but couldnt get it to lock up real tight. has 3 lights and two triggers

1 Handguard removal tool niw (very handy)
1 set used handguards
1 clamp on bipod

1 1-4???? cheap tactical scope. poor eye relief and doubt its 1x but havent played with it much

4 new mag couplings
1 new speed loader
2 NIW 5pk colored sights
2 new ProMag front sight rails
2 sling attachments new (cant remember make but they are name brand)
2 new barrel extensions alluminum
1 niw handguard rail set

2 black M4 stock sets 1 niw 1 opened but I believe it is complete
1 NIW blk glacier handguard set

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I am interested in some of your AR parts. I will PM you after work
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