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SPF: Incomplete AMD65, with barrel, US Parts *lower price*

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I aquired this kit in trade. It has been involved in a screw build travesty.

Trunnion has been drilled and tapped for 10-32 screws with the exception of two mucked up holes on either side that have been wallowed out to accomidate 6mm screws. Tig welding the holes shut may be an option here but i'm not an expert in such things.

Folder has been drilled for 10-32 screws as well, some of the rivet is still in there, should have no problem removing for a rivet build.

The barrel has been kissed by a drill just a tad on one side. I don't feel it to be a problem. I've seen galling that is worse. Bore is in excellent shape.

A tapco us made AMD65 extended brake has been neatly blind pinned to the barrel. Bolt, carrier, trunnion, top cover and recoil spring assembly all matching. Carrier has a tapco AMD65 us made piston installed.

No trigger guard, selector stop, grips, grip nuts, grip screws or safety. Including only what is pictured.

Asking 180 shipped Priority Mail from Ohio *SPF*

I accept USPS Money Orders

edit: lowered price, don't know what i was smoking

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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