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Click Here for Special Edition Rifle Order Form

In Range has contacted Centerfire Systems and they have agreed to set aside 50 excellent condition kits. NoDak / DCI will be contacted for 50 "Economy" type AK receivers, Arsenal has been chosen for their stainless steel "match grade" gas piston, and finished off with the Gordon Tech G2 Double Hook FCG. The US muzzle nut or slant brake has yet to be determined.

Note: Members using Credit Cards will have their cards charged for the full amount, immediately upon receipt of their order form.
27 Feb - 26 Mar (Orders mailed to In Range)

27 Mar - 31 Mar (Receivers ordered from NoDak / DCI)

27 Mar - 31 Mar (Kits picked up from Centerfire Systems)

3 Apr - 8 May (Production of the Special Edition Rifle)

9 May - Rifles begin to ship

(Note: These dates and specifications may change at the discretion of In Range and AK Forum Management, but we anticipate no change at this time.)

Important items to remember, and will be covered in detail on the Order Form:

- The Special Edition Rifle will cost $450.00

- Shipping and FFL Transfer Costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. Shipping and Insurance from In Range will be a flat $20.00

- The wood furniture will be original, will have minor handling wear and tear, and may require refinishing. The AK Forum will plan a "clinic" for those who may be inexperienced with refinishing techniques

- The weapon will be refinished with KG 2400 "Gloss" over Phosphate

- The weapon will ship with one US 922r compliant 5-Round Magazine. These parts are above and beyond the required number of parts on the rifle

- Deposit in the amount of $250.00 is required at time of your order. You also have the option of paying in full at time of order. In Range will accept the following types of payment: Visa/Mastercard/American Express, Cashiers Check, or Money Order

- Copy of your "receiving" FFL is required at time of your order. Please ensure your FFL is expecting your rifle in order to eliminate any confusion

- Credit Cards will be charged 3% of total order

The entire project will be accomplished in the evenings and weekends so as not to detract from current projects at In Range.


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