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Have a few different types of Bakelite boxes from Russia, please read each description.

These are Soviet Russian "Bakelite" Geiger Counter boxes. Empty obviously (since the box is the real cool part) What you see is what I have. Mag is there for size reference only. Basically new old stock condition with shipping and storage wear (scratches- mostly on bottoms, edges, and front latches), NO cracks or big dents (unless otherwise specified), maybe a tiny few black "oxidation" spots on the metal hardware. Nothing that effects any kind of function. May have some tape residue, paint, or other residue on the outsides (usually the bottom - see pics) Still have some soft foam material inside one sometimes some plastic, yours to remove too if you'd like. Some also have an old label, some sticker or tape residue, or an itty bit of paint or clear resin on them, once again easy to remove with some elbow grease.

The Larges also still have the test tube trays glued in, they can get removed/pried out with some simple hand tools. Might take a little bit of work to get the tray out in one piece if you want to keep that, it's some pretty strong glue they used.

Full Size Pics: https://imgur.com/a/VCqXDx4

-First "I'll take it", gets it. PM me after you post please!
-CROSS-POSTED so time stamp rules
-I accept discreet PayPal (no "gun words"!), USPS Money Orders, or Cash
-If you have any questions, please PM me.
-Please message me for package deals
-Willing to sell in bulk
-Willing to combine shipping with any other items I'm selling/ work out a package deal

Shipping to CONUS ONLY, Hawaii and Alaska will cost more.

NEW- NOW First 5x people that want them (with purchase of a box) get original Russian manuals for the Geiger Counters for FREE! Very neat display pieces. Manuals are a set of 2 different books, all kinds of interesting factory/inspector stamps:


Info: See pics for size references- Two different size boxes:
- 4lbs 9oz, 14"x5"x6"
Have a low divider on the inside (see pics)
Small - 2lbs 3oz, 8"x5"x6"

For size reference only, Large size box on right in pics:

Large/Bigs - $135 Shipped each,
OR 2x for $260 Shipped
IF you are local to the East Stroudsburg area, and want to pick up- $125 each
B1- $135 Shipped - has some extra residue on the lid, does not effect function and might be able to be cleaned off (see pic)-Available
B2- $135 Shipped -Available

Bottoms, Backs, and Insides:

Smalls - $83 Shipped each
OR 2x for $155 shipped
If local for pick up- $75 each

A-: $80 Shipped - has some extra filled in holes (pictured) that do not effect function - Available
B-: $80 Shipped - has some extra filled in holes (pictured) that do not effect function - Available
C: $83 Shipped -Available
D: $83 Shipped -Available
E: $83 Shipped -Available
F: $83 Shipped -Available

A-,B-, C:

D, E, F:

Bottoms and Backs:

The Smaller "Brown" Bakelite Box
This was a Russian field phone box, it's seen some use and has some scratches, paint residue, marker marks, etc on them. Nothing that will effect function unless otherwise noted and pictured. $65 shipped
Info - Overall weight per box: 1lb 12oz,
Outer Dimensions: 8.75"x 6.25"x 3"

Different lighting conditions:
Size reference (mags not included):

The Biggest Boxes:
Had these for a while now just as a display, but time to let them go. I've never posted any of these types up before. These are JUST THE EXTERNAL SHELLS of the Soviet P-105M / R-105M field radios, there are no guts and none of the switches or buttons work. Have a bit of dust and storage and shipping wear (light scratches and whatnot, nothing major). Since it is just the shell, there are some missing knobs and doohickeys, again nothing major and none of it works anyways. More of display pieces than anything, but you can store stuff in them if you're handy with a flat head screwdriver

2x AVAILABLE, $125 each SHIPPED CONUS (Hawaii and Alaska will cost extra) Theyhave different Cyrillic letters painted on them (how they were received).

Full size pics here: https://imgur.com/a/WWl0PPH

Dimensions: 11"x 12"x 5", 11.5lbs

For size reference only:


Example of one taken apart:

The instrument panel comes off easily by unlatching the 4x latches and then using a flat head screwdriver on 6x screws.

Back of instrument panel:

Central compartment that you need the flat head to get in to (mags not included):

Screw driver is pointing to one of the 6x captured flat head screws:

Could just use them as really fancy piggy banks:





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