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Soviet bakelite pistolgrips, Are these Izzy or Tula?

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I recently got some pistolgrips in, some have the mold marks on the left, others on the right, so which are Tula and which are Izhmash?
Also, one looks quite odd in terms of pattern, would this be a Romanian?

All together:

The ones with mold numbers on the right:

The ones with the mold numbers on the left:

Also, what would be the value of these pistolgrips? And the value of NIB Tula AKM handguards?

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I always thought if the mold mark on the left side of the grip it's Izzy

If the mold marks are on the right sife of the grip is Tula

I could be wrong though. Hopefully someone else with chime in.

as far as vallue I think there are a couple members on this forum who sell the Izzy bakalite grips mint for 45 shipped, you might get more for the tula though.

The AKM handguards could fetch some coin I would think between 120+ depending on what "era" they are. This is just IMO
The grips with the "X/X" format are Izhmash. The grips with the "X-X" format are Tula. Grips in excellent condition go for around $40-$50 USD from a reputable collector here in the USA.

If you want to part with that one with the "33/2"... PM me :mrgreen:
Thanks for the information, the Izmash grip has been sold to another member on here (Kuiper)..
I'll be putting just about NIB Tula AKM HG + PG sets online here in the following days... :smile:
Yups...that's the one....

Still need a mail from you with payment info though...
Is there any way to determine the year or era based on the mould marks?
what makes the 33/2 so special? i just went and looked at my soviet pistol grip and it has a 33/1 mold mark on it.? just wondering
Nothing too special except it's the correct bakelite grip to put on my early eighties AKS74 clone...
sweet, im building one of those lol, been doing a little research. im using an ORF AKS74 kit got one with a double rivit feed ramp
Kuiper said:
Nothing too special except it's the correct bakelite grip to put on my early eighties AKS74 clone...
Pretty much the same reason I wanted it for - to go on the same pattern/era rifle. Not to mention I just liked the darker coloring...
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