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This will go here first, then integrated into the reference forum...
Have collected 18 different years of deactivated Soviet AKMs over the last year or so; Dated from 1960-1977 (actual issued dates), Tula and Izhmash. AA lotof these have flowed into Germany from Croatia; I am pretty sure they came via Ukrainian Military stocks in the early 90s. The condition runs from a used POS to unused with a lot of handling dings. The price is 220 ($300 or so) Euros direct at the importer or 300 Euros ($400) from assorted resellers. Not bad in a land of a $13 minimum wage, 50% income tax, and $5.50 a gallon gas. You can find some nice ones at the importer, but normally all my "keepers" have been purchased from resellers. I am sure the importer picks out the good ones and sells the rest. I have tried to get with the importer so that I could simply take pictures of the guns as they pull them out of the shipping container, but it has not worked out. One major reseller did allow me to photograph his 20 or so that he had; Those pics I will try to post later.

First, are the ones that I have kept for myself. I will edit the post later and include the others later.

1960 Izhmash
Matching numbers, to include the recoil spring. Pistol grip and buttstock, I am pretty sure are original. Handguards look to be the right era, but they don't have a serial number, so I don't think they are original.

1961 Izhmash
Earliest all original rifle I have played with. All matching numbers, original wood, though not in the best condition. Same as a 1960...

1961 Tula
A Ukrainian "MMG" (basically Russian for model). All matching numbers, but was repainted and a mix of stock parts. I threw on a decent set.

1962 Izhmash
Earliest all original AKM I have for myself. All matching, wood appears to be original. Not sure if you can see it, but the lower HG still has the serial number, though faint. Here, the Russians have already started to change out parts. Last AK47 style carriers being used. The first one is the rear trunnion. They have changed to the O style, vs the early I shape.

1963 Izhmash
Not the original wood, but only one of two 1963s that I have seen; A missing piece that I really need to find an original of. Anyways, major changes. Updated carrier, lightning FSB. Still with three spot welds over the dimple.

1964 Izhmash
All matching with original wood. The serial on the lower handguard matches, but is faded. Appears some sort of clear varnish was applied to the wood and has worn off. Basically the same as a 1963.

1964 Tula
All matching, down to the recoil spring. Appears to have the original buttstock, p-grip, and lower handguard. The gas tube matches, but the wood has probably been replaced.

1965 Tula
Not the original wood, but still gives a look at one.

1966 Izhmash
Basically a standard "mid-production" gun. These are the only year I have seen with the flat-sided slant brake, but have not seen 100% all-original guns from 65, or 67, only altered examples.

1966 Tula
All original, matching numbers down to the recoil spring. With the early, flat-sided slant brake.

1967 Tula
Not the original wood...

1969 Tula and Izhmash;

1969 Izhmash; Typical "Mid production" as I like to call it. Bottom-swiveled buttstock, serial numbered lower HG, lightened FSB, donut trunnion, non-flared top cover, etc. From 1964/65 to about 1971/72, Izhmash AKMs followed this same pattern. The slant brake might have changed in about 66/67, but that's all...

1969 Tula; Basically the same as Izhmash, but with little Tula differences like stocks, rear site, rounded handguard bulges, etc. Tula did have some receiver changes during this period. You can see that the small Tula dimple has started to appear, as well as the hunchbacked buttstock.

Parts comparison; Other than the stock sets, and receiver, not much difference between Tula and Izhmash. Minor stuff, just manufacturing variation, not anything intentional.

1970 Tula
All original... Parts from 71 Tulas were supplied to Egypt, who used them to build the first MAADIs. Notice the dimples are still changing...I forgot to take a pic of the left side, so retook it this morning, hence the different mags.

1972 Izhmash AKMS
Pics were very dark, Photoshop helped a little bit.. Appears to be all matching. From the MOD pattern collection, was a GW1 capture.

1972 Tula
All original, transitional gun; Tula has already started to use the buttstock with side swivel but continues on with the early barrel parts and non-flared top cover.

1973 Tula
Tula still has not changed to the cast barrel parts.....This happened by 1974; For those that have either been to the MTK museum in Izhevsk or seen pics, the Tula-looking gun there is a 1974.

1974 Izhmash AKMS
Pics were very dark, Photoshop helped a little bit.. Appears to be all matching. From the MOD pattern collection, was a GW1 capture.

1975 Izhmash
All original, typical late production gun. Standard late features. Side swivel buttstock, no serial on updated handguards, cast barrel parts, flared top cover, etc. For those that have visited the Izhmash museum in Izhevsk, the AKM in the display case is also a 1975.

1976 Tula
Same rifle we are used to seeing from the Tokoi book. Standard late Tula.

1977 Tula
Handguards are mid production Izhmash, but the rest of the gun is a nice, late-production Tula, and the last year of production.

If you have any corrections or anything to add, please let me know.[/b]

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Thank you for making these pictures and information available!
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