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Akm Backelit grip 15 usd
Ak-74 Plastic grip plum 15 usd
Akm ak-74 Wood grip 20 usd thin
Ak47 akm 4 Wood grip 25 usd thick

Ak-74 plastic Foregrip plum 25 usd
Ak-74 Wood foregrip 45 usd
Akm Wood foregrip 45 usd
Rpk rpk-74 Wood foregrip 45 usd
Ak-47 Wood foregrip 45 usd

Ak-74 Wood stock 45 usd
Akm Wood stock 45 usd
Aks-74 folding metal stock 80 usd
Aks-74u (AKSU) folding metal stock 80 usd
Trunnion for folding stock set pin 4,5 mm 100 usd (no rivets)

Aks-74u (AKSU) Flash hidder 45usd
Flash hidder Ak-105 45usd
Flash hidder Ak-74 45usdf
Flash hidder AKM muzzle brake/flash hidder beveled 10 usd
Flash hidder Rpk74, AKM slit 13 usd

Gastube Ak74 20usd
Gastube akm 20 usd
Gastube sks 25usd
Gastube sks with Wood 30 usd

recoil slring akm, ak-74 7 usd
recoil mechanism akm 20 usd
recoil mechanism ak-74 20 usd
recoil mechanism sks 20 usd
recoil mechanism+dempfer ppsh-41 20us

Akm handguard retainer ring 25 usd
Ak-74 handguard retainer ring 25 usd
Rpk-74 handguard retainer ring 45 usd

Pk, pkm Plastic links machine-gun belt 7,62x54r russian mosin links 250 links 150 usd
Soft bag for Pk, pkm ammo 100 seats 90 usd
Soft bag for Pk, pkm ammo 200 seats 90 usd

Gas Auto part Metal Machine Wood

Tool Wood Kitchen utensil Hardwood Gun accessory

Cylinder Audio equipment Wood Gas Auto part

Output device Human body Table Automotive tire Sports equipment

Tool Automotive exhaust Cylinder Auto part Plastic

Electronic device Synthetic rubber Font Electric blue Wire

Cosmetics Automotive tire Tints and shades Auto part Font

Gear Font Sports equipment Automotive tire Wood