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SOLD New Kvar US black poly Stock set $80*SOLD

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heres the scoop, clarify me if details are wrong....this furnature came off my new slr 105a1r so will fit most stamped receivers. rifle has never been fired with this furnature on it (maybe by someone at the factory) but for all intents and purposes it is unused, HOWEVER i put a nice nick in the square part of the buttstock that goes inside the receiver. not noticable once installed but very obvious as it stands alone-i whacked it out of the receiver w a screwdriver wrapped in a towel and towel slipped)

buttstock marked USand is nato length and has the hole in the back for the cleaning kit and the swivel majiggy

HGs are the ones that came with the rifle and i assume US made as well, looks like this KVAR set....

http://www.k-var.com/shop/product.php?p ... 251&page=3

NO pistol grip unless you want a romy (i think) bakelight, let me know and i will include it

$80 shipped*******SOLD

what i need....
ultimak rail for bulgy
CT for m&p
plum pistol grip
krink bulgy flash hider (for 5.45)
mags, e german or russian (7.62 and 5.45)
fsb/gas block for ak104 clone
akm kit
ar lower parts kit (LMT or better)
bf vickers sling for ak
lula either .cal
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You linked to a milled furniture set, Linc - the 105 is stamped.

as usual Jay , you saved my butt (buttstock that is). appreciate the heads up and it has been corrected
G17owner said:
Intrested PM'ed
You went from I'll take it to interested. Seller took the add off other boards. Your a newbie here..Please advise...We don't like games on this site.
Got it. It's a paypal issue not a forum one. No games PM'd you
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