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Up for sale is an East German MPi-KM parts kit. Non-matching. Bolt carrier and bolt are sanitized. Gas tube is also sanitized. Trunnion dated 86. Comes with new non-chrome lined AK-Builder 7.62x39 barrel w/ extractor cut and handguard retainer cuts. Gas port not drilled. Top cover is East German and serialized but not matching to trunnion.

East German parts:
FSB on stub
RSB w/ 800m sight leaf
Front Trunnion
upper handguard
lower handguard
lower handguard retainer
pistol grip (w/ bolt and nut)
gas tube
bolt carrier
buttplate & sling loop
top cover

Undetermine origin:
gas block - possibly early Romanian
trigger guard and selector stop
selector - serial 357 matches the serial on the hammer.
rear trunnion - could be East German or Romanian.
muzzle thread protector
recoil spring

Missing parts:
(2) gas block pins
cleaning rod

$425 shipped. Payment by discreet Paypal + 3.5% or by USPS money order. 1st "I'll take it" follow by PM gets dibs. Crossposted. SOLD

Here's a few more of the front trunnion pictures:

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