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Yugo underfolder with parts no trunion 60.00 (shipping not included on this one) SPF
Yugo-USA made pistol grip new 18.00 spf to grandpassage
Yugo sling new 12.00 SPF to ftbstrd
Romy sling new 12.00 spf to eldogg
Yugo sling with swivel clip new 12.00 spf to oksooner
Tapco Single Hook ak trigger new 25.00 spf to kahuna
Tapco double hook ak trigger used 15.00 SPF to ftbstrd
Yugo grenade launcher-new-USA 35.00 SPF to Desert Rat
Tapco AR grip green painted Black 5.00 withdrawn
New Ar pistol grip 5.00 withdrawn
Makarov cleaning rod 5.00 spf to eldogg
Yugo trigger guard with mag release 12.00 SPF to kahuna
Bulgarian circle 10 black bayonet 35.00 SPF to Delta-3
3 New Fal pistol grip nuts-no screw slots 5.00 ea. SPF
AR buttstock tube new with wrench flats 20.00 withdrawn
AK buffer 5.00 SPF to ftbstrd
AR three prong flash hider -old 8.00 spf to gunluvver
AR tear drop assist -old 20.00 withdrawn
Ak Builder package
USA piston, rivet, muzzle break, rivet set-30.00 28.00 SPF
UTG Special OPs holster Black new 15.00 13.00 SPF

All that is left-lower prices!!!!!

Yugo used single hook ak trigger group and Ak barrel nut used 7.00 for both
Romy pistol grip- Very good 10.00
Makarov pistol grip screw 5.00
Handmade 1911 walnut grips 20.00 15.00
2 sks stripper clips and 1 SKS buffer 5.00 for all three

Shipping included in price
Cash, Check, M.O.
Post "I'll take it" here first then p.m. me or email for directions.
sorry about dark pics-I'll try later to post better but everything in very good to excellent condition


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yugo parts

I will take it: Yugo sling new 12.00, Tapco double hook ak trigger used 15.00 and this AK buffer 5.00

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I'll take the bulgarian circle 10 black bayonet.

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i'll take this:
romy sling new $12.
makarov cleaning rod $5.

pm incoming.

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I'll take.....
Yugo sling with swivel clip new 12.00
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