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SLR-105 package. 1300

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Hey guys. Im not a big poster here but I have 100% feedback on snipershide.com under the same name. I have here for sale an Arsenal SLR-105 ban style. Im putting this up for sale because I just bought a house and I just need extra funds. The gun has had around 250 rds through it. Its in 99 % condition. The package comes with the gun, sling, 8 circle ten magazines, 1 russian vest that I purchased from robino, and 4180 rds of ammo. Im only selling this as a package right now and its 100% complete. I bought the gun for 900, the ammo for about roughly 600 dollars. the mags and vest for aabout 150 altogether. If you buy the whole package you get it all for 1300. If you buy it altogether that price is insane. Buyer pays shipping for the ammo and mags. Ill get the gun. Ill sell the ammo locally if anyone can pick it up.

Thanks for looking.
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where are you?
I may be interested in the ammo if you break it up. As I can pick it up.
That might be easier. Ill Break up the ammo just cus shipping is gonna be insane. Ill sell you all the ammo for 500.
Also the ammo is about 4400 rounds. 1000 wolf military classic 70 grain. 1000 59 grain golden tiger. 2180 rds bulgarian 52 gr. 250 rds of wolf. Not sure what weight. All for 500 dollars. You pay shipping or pick it up for free locally.
If you're willing to break up some (I don't want all ten) of the Bulgy Circle 10 mags, I'm in downtown Silver Spring. Lemme know if you're interested.


p.s. - easiest to email me @ [email protected]
All the talk bout "breaking it up" I could that "russian vest"
Im just breaking up the ammo right now. The gun mags and vest is $1000. Ammo is 500. Package is 1300 today.

I'll take the package deal for $1,300.

PM inbound
SPF thanks guys.
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