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I just bought a new condition sling from Gun Parts sold as Russian AKM. It is the correct yellowish green color and hast the Russian markings (OTK etc.) and has the proper AK hardware on the ends. My question is, What is the width of a Russian AKM sling? This one is an inch and a half wide. Thanks.
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Thanks Phill. I bought the sling from Gun Parts (Numrich). It was only $8 and change and brand new. It had some dust on the fabric but the metal ends still had preservative on them, wrapped in brown paper. I figured that was a great price for a new Russian sling. I also bought a couple of East German Type 1 bayonet scabards, new in the sealed plastic bag for $3 each. They are good for making a faus Russian Type 1 bayonet for doing photos with your Russian AK clone by using a Romanian or Hungarian bayo. Carburetor cleaner will take the grey paint off of the leather parts of the frog to make it look more Russian.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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