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Simulation of VZ-58 in video game... anyone seen it?

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I once saw a clip from a video game (Arma, Armed Assault?), it showed a neat simulation of a soldier shooting a VZ-58. I can't find it anymore, I have searched and searched for it... Has anyone seen it or know where it is?

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I don't know about Armed Assault, but you can carry a VZ 58 in Operation Flash point Resistance.

They call it a "AK-47 (CZ)" or something dumb like that. There's even a version with a grenade launcher mounted on it.
Well, I found a desktop wallpaper for the VZ58 freaks like me...

Evidently from a russian game? S.t.a.l.k.e.r. ? or something...

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Hmmm. wood furniture and a Euro AK style sight protector. :grin:
Depending on the year depicted in the game, the early Vz's had open front sights.
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