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Sig P226 assembly

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I have acquired a plastic bag full of parts that was once a Sig P226. This is literally a lot of small pins, springs and pieces, with the identifiable slide, barrel, frame, etc. in there. There are two of many parts.

I have neither the inclination nor the trust in my home gunsmithing skills to try and put this thing back together.

Does anyone know a gunsmith who is a Sig armorer who they could recommend? I would need him to put this thing back together for me and make sure it headspaces correctly.

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I'll take it! :grin:

If you want to have it rebuilt, first, what kind of Sig is it? Is it an older German one or a new US made one? The US ones have stainless steel slides, that are solid. The German Sigs have a stamped slide with a breech block that was put in separately. If the guy who took it apart was nuts enough, he may have broken it TOTALLY apart... more to deal with on the German ones.

Do you want a guy in-state or do you mind shipping it?
I could do it in about a half hour, but I'd need it shipped to our shop.
It appears to be a west german P226 in 9mm. It is older, with a strange "V" sight painted on the rear of the slide.

IronBalaclava--PM sent.
I am a sig armorer, PM me, perhap pic by pic I could show you, or talk you through it. It really isn't hard.
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