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SIG 556 + "what should have been" improvements (pi

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My 556, with a few improvements.

Blue force gear sling
Ace M4-7 tube + Magpul CTR
Standard handguard & pistol grip
HK 416 rear sight with XS "AR" style upgrade
Custom battle-rifle front sight
Stanag bayonet lug
Swiss front takedown pin
Lancer L5 mag (for show, any more mags will be the more economical Pmags)

Sight come up quick, just like an m14/m1 garand.

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Wow , nicest Sig 556 I've seen to date !!!
That's awesome! It kinda sucks that you have to unf**k SIGs design shortcommings, especially when they aren't cheap to begin with.
That's awesome! It kinda sucks that you have to unf**k SIGs design shortcommings, especially when they aren't cheap to begin with.

Nice. You still need a metal lower receiver and a SIG sidefolder, though. :razz:
Wow- VERY NICE! :thumbsup:
Nice job, good looking gun.

I handled a SIG 556, and all I can say is even with the 551 handguards it still feels nose heavy, but the real kicker for me was you need fingers liek Arsenio Hall to reach the selector and mag release. They seriously screwed the pooch on those ergos IMHO. It had a lot of potential to be my 'perfect' rifle but they ended up fallling short of the mark.
Who made your front sight, and is the rear sight a HK, or Centurion? I have been tempted to use both HK front, and rear (416) on a rail set up. My other rifle I want a bit more basic like yours.
Very nice I've yet to customize mine!
Where did you get the foregrip?
That CTR looks like it was meant for that rifle, nice work.
Where did you find the 416 sight? I like the mods you chose, the spirit of the 550 series design yet retaining the desireable features of the 556. Nice gun!

i thought i didnt like the sig 556, i was wrong :oops:
The problems with the 556 can be summed up in two words.



They're pretty much good to go out of the box, but the effort from the factory was lacking. My opinion is that they could have put a rifle similar to this for about the same cost as they currently sell for. Why they didn't is beyond me. To quote one good smith "SIG screwed it up, what everybody wanted was a 55X with an AR mag well".

I got my 416 rear sight from HKparts (Adam) and it's a little bit lower than the standard AR sight (or the centurion arms HK style sight), which tends to be a little high for comfort on the 556. The front sight is a National Match M14. CRT stocks work pretty good and are a natural pair with the Ace M4-7 heavy duty tube.

Best source for SIG parts is Gun Factory (until maybe MFI gets cranking). They have a guy there that speaks English.

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I love your set up, and it is very nicely done.

I agree, I still can't understand why SIG delivered a product to market at its price point, but lacking in good furniture and sights.
Looks really nice.

But the real question is: How does it shoot compared to AR?
Jbrown, hopefully I'll be able to get some trigger time sometime soon.

Addax, thanks for the compliment. Best as I can figure, SIG doesn't have a lot of interaction with the people that use their products (at least on the commercial sales). On an unrelated, but slightly similar subject, ask the guys at Primary Weapon Systems to consider adding a sling mount on their gas blocks in future versions. All us low-speed, high-drag, cheap-shooters want a piston conversion, but the cost of the conversion + necessary rail is $700 in addition to whatever we paid for the original AR, and there's no getting around it. Brings the end cost of the product up there with the monolithic LMT piston, and a few other piston rifles.
Was that a regular 556 OR model or a Commando ?
Just their standard model that originally came with the el-cheapo sights and godawful furniture.
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