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should i help?.....

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Poor guy,.. still on the fence if I should help. :neutral:

From: omichael ([email protected])
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Sent: Wed 7/05/08 12:42 PM
To: [email protected]

Dear One,
I know this letter may come to you as a surprise.
I got your contact from the net while
looking for a reputable and reliable assitance, I believe
with your position as a star you can be able to assist me.
Before I go further, I want to introduce my self to you.
My name is Miss Omar Michael, I am a nationality of Gambia
in West Africa. I am the only daughter of my parent
Dr.Kembi Michael, I completed my post graduate course last
two year .
My father was a cocoa merchant and aslo deals on
import and export. He based in Ivory coast West Africa.
By February last two year 2002, he was poisoned by his
fellow business associate, He died after a long period of
illness in the hospital.
Due to the shocking news of my father's death, my mother
who was admited in the hospital at the same period, on
hearing the news developed a heart attack which later lead
to her death.
After three months of the the death of my parents I
discovered some documents in my father's wardrope,among
the the documents,one was the one he used to deposit
US$28.725 million dollars in a fixed deposit account in a
bank here on my name as the only daughter and 9.6 million
dollars in a security company
in Europe.
My reason for contacting you is for you to assist me to
transfer this fund into your country and to retreive the
one in the security company for investment purposes. You
are to serve as the beneficiary and as my foreign
You are also to assit me invest this fund as soon as it is
transfered, I hope we can invest the money in the movie
industry or any idea that you have that will yield us
profit. You will also assist me arrange for my travelling
documents to enable me meet with you.
I have maped out 10% for your assistance and 5% for
expenses you migh t incure during this transaction. I have
not been very comfortable staying here since after the
death of my parents.
Please I want you to contact me immediatly as soon as you
receive this mail for us to know what next to do. You can
contact me through my yahoo account as this one always
gives me problem.([email protected])or call me at
(00225 08568249)
Thanks and God Bless
Miss Omar Michael.
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Sometimes you can get them to take photos of themselves with fucked up signs, id go for it if youve got the time and patience.
is it real??

yeah if that does not sound like a scam then i dont know what does.....
You are a star! :lol:
oh yeh. definately help him! i'm sure he's trustworthy.
This scam has shown itself to be from Kenya, Nigeria, and just about everywhere else in Africa. This is yet another incarnation of the "Nigerian Scam". Bottom line: you send them your bank info for the transfer and they clean out your account. cf. the following Snopes URL.
You're a great guy for wanting to help, and a wise one for checking it out beforehand. :hail:

I say go for it. It's a chick and her father was a "cocoa" dealer. You could be partying down with some Hot Gambian hookers and blow. :lol:
Here are the 419 images Warbaby was talking about.
Some mature content. These guys mess around with 419 scammers.


Could be dangerous doing this. I just delete them. But fun to see other people do this.
have some fun with them and stringem along
one I just got today

ANTHONY SCRIVENER CHAMBERS & CO LEGAL PRACTITIONERAND SOLICITOR OF CO-OPERATE CONSULTANCY /SOLICITORSREAL ESTATE MANAGERS &GENERAL CONSULTANTS.UK,2-3 Grays Inn Square, London, , WC1R 5JHEmail: [email protected] Ref: NNC/SAN/NP/0518/07/2008 Compliments, I am Barrister Anthony Scrivener, a solicitor at law in London, I waseducated at Eltham College and Jesus College in United Kingdom, and I amthe Personal attorney to Mr. John, a national of your country, who uses towork with (A PETROLEUM OIL COMPANY). My client Mr. John Was born on the23rd of March 1960 and he died on a motor accident with his family, hiswife and 3 kids. He died on 21st April 2002 His Parents are late and he isthe only child of his parents, Before he died he deposited the sum of $15million in Platinum Habib Bank with the hope of transferring it to hiscountry before he will be on leave, Since his death Now the Platinum Habib Bank has issued me a notice to provide the next ofkin or have the money declared unserviceable within the next ten officialworking days. FULL NAMES:FULL RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS WITH ZIP CODE :HOME/CELL PHONE:pRESENT EMPLOYER/OCCUPATION:AGE: Please send the above information to [email protected] Best Regards,Anthony Scrivener QC
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Platinum Habib Bank??? It's actually a real bank...:lol: :lol: :lol:

Wow...that is some funny stuff.

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