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K-VAR is excited to announce the return of FIME Group’s SGL12 (Saiga 12) series shotguns, the SGL12-08 and SGL12-09. It has been over six months since the last time these shotguns were on the market, and K-VAR is happy to see them coming back.

The SGL12-08 and the SGL12-09 both feature a SAW-type Russian pistol grip that is larger and ergonomically designed for better comfortable when shooting. Their high-quality handguard, which is made in the US, has a rib design that offers a better grip and quicker cool-down.

In addition, the SGL12-09 features the Picatinny Quad Rail System, which allows for accessory attachments such as flashlights, foregrips, and sights. The rail, also made in the US, has CNC machine precision technology and is made from aircraft-grade aluminum.

Both the SGL12-08 and SGL12-09 are excellent shotguns, but there is only one problem, they are available in limited quantities and for a limited time only. K-VAR has received a limited quantity shipment that will be offered as of January 7, 2014. Judging by the history of these products, they will be gone as soon as they’ve arrived, and there is no hint as to when they will be back again.

For questions about FIME Group’s SGL12-08, SGL12-09, or any of our other amazing products visit us at The Largest AK-47/74 Rifle....


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