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I know this is early but…

Saturday, September 20th, is the next ACTS Match at the Pima Pistol Club in Tucson (directions are here). Please arrive no later than 8:30am to get signed in, as we will be starting promptly at 9:00am. Help with setup is appreciated, so please arrive early.

ACTS is the American Confederation of Tactical Shooters. It was developed to provide a sport in which civilian rifle owners, along with Military and Law Enforcement professionals, can practice “real world” shooting skills in a sporting venue, different than any other shooting discipline or association. We encourage realistic stages, and emphasize using effective tactics to solve shooting problems.

We promote the safe practical, proficient use of rifles; foster sportsmanship and camaraderie among rifle owners; and to support and defend the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

If you haven't shot one of these matches in the past, getting started is easy. All you need is a magazine-fed rifle with a sling and 2 extra magazines, a handgun, holster and 2 extra magazines, and a way to carry your extra magazines. To find more information about this fun and exciting shooting style, please visit http://www.actshooters.com/.


The September match will feature a new division for beta-testing: Agoge. This division will feature a greater amount of stress induction, and will start to combine more and more of the overall package of being a truly tactical shooter.

The rules for this new Division are as follows:

Agoge Division for the American Confederation of Tactical Shooters

Overview: In an effort to continue to challenge ourselves, some shooters of ACTS have discussed using various methods to induce more stress, to raise their own heart rates, and to generally make things harder. This class is for those people who have decided that all shooting activities are in preparation for a fight. Since fights don't come when we are fully rested, and the bad guys tend to shoot back, Agoge division attempts to simulate the stress that will happen in a gunfight and reinforce good habits.
Agoge is not a division for everyone. If you get winded walking to your car, you should not shoot Agoge. If you are afraid of a little pain, you should not shoot Agoge.

Background: The name chosen for the division, Agoge, comes from the training camp of the Spartan youth. The Spartans are world-renowned as being hardcore warriors, just the type of crazy people that would enjoy shooting with additional stress.

Warning: Agoge division will be very physically intense. It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician before engaging in the Agoge division. Neither ACTS, the hosting range(s), nor any individual will be held liable for any health issues or injuries that may result from shooting in this division.
We believe that it is up to the individual to know his or her limits when performing physical activities. It is ultimately up to you, the shooter, to decide how much is enough. Since the concept of Agoge is to push the limits of the shooter, even if you cannot complete the prescribed exercises, you will learn where your limits are. There will be no penalties for choosing to drop out or not complete an exercise, no teasing, no hazing. Just by deciding to push yourself, you have already set yourself head and shoulders above the rest of the shooting community. We would rather you not complete an exercise set than potentially injure yourself...

Basic Rules: The Agoge division will compete under the following rules:
1. Firearms and Equipment
(a) All firearms and equipment must still comply with the ACTS rules.
(b) A shooter in Agoge can use any firearm legal in any other division, but will only be competing against other Agoge shooters.
i. Example: If James shoots Agoge division with an iron-sighted AK, and Michael shoots Agoge with an AR-15 with an optic, they will still be in the same division.
(c) The shooter must transport all firearms, ammunition, equipment, and cleaning supplies with them for the duration of the match from the moment they sign in the first day of shooting.
i. Exception: ROs, Match Directors or their designated assistants may be exempted, but only in order to obtain equipment needed to continue to carry out the match.
ii. Other exceptions are delineated below.
(d) The equipment must be carried via any man portable means and in a safe manner. No wagons, wheelbarrows, carts, sleds, etc allowed. The shooter must transport all their equipment to the next stage in one trip. If the shooter fails to do this, they will be made to return to the previous stage and walk back again carrying all their equipment in one trip.
2. Special Rules
(a) In each stage description, there will be specific instructions for the Agoge shooter. These may include, but are not limited to, a different starting position, performing physical exercises before shooting, or a different starting signal. These will all be on the clock.
i. If a shooter is not physically able to do an exercise, an alternative event will be decided by the Agoge Division Director.
(b) The improper use of cover will result in non-traditional “reminder.” This includes, but is not limited to physical reminders or auditory distractions.
(c) The Agoge shooters are permitted to leave the range without their gear to use the restroom or refill water containers. However, the shooter must run to the restroom, and back.
3. We will attempt to squad all Agoge shooters together, in an effort to maintain honesty and integrity. If this is not possible, there will be at least 2 Agoge shooters per squad.
4. Violation of the Agoge rules will result in the shooter being moved to the division that is dictated by his equipment, but his times will not be adjusted.
5. First-time ACTS shooters are strongly discouraged from shooting in Agoge. We would prefer that the shooter has a good understanding of the rules before he or she attempts to increase his or her stress. A new shooter may shoot Agoge with the permission of the Match Director and Agoge Division Director. The following non-inclusive list of factors will be taken into account: active Military service; previous match experience; training resume.
6. While it is recommended that the shooter have participated in formal firearms training, it is not a prerequisite to shooting in Agoge. No circumstances in this division will preclude a shooter who has not attended a class to be held back any more than any other shooter.
7. The RSO, with the approval of the Match Director and Agoge Division Director, has the right to remove a shooter from the division if there is a valid health or safety concern. As long as the shooter has not violated any safety rules, he or she may continue in the match.

Note: A special thanks goes out to Cavalry Arms, from whom I liberally borrowed some of the rules from their Trooper Class.
If you have any questions regarding the Agoge division, feel free to ask them here. Likewise, if you have any questions regarding the rules of ACTS, please feel free to ask them here. Because this is a beta-test, we are willing to be very lenient on Agoge rule 5.
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