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Selling some hard to find parts that I was saving for some builds.

Ak105: available as a lot-$1700
all parts are genuine and correct as far as I know. If you have any questions please ask
-Top cover
-Bolt carrier
-Safety lever
-Recoil rod and spring
-Rear sight base and leaf
-Hand guard retainer (new)
-ak105 booster (new)
-5.45 bolt (new, unnumbered)
-Front sight block combo (new)
-Bulgy trunnion (scrubbed, new take off)

Ak74 Bulgy: Available as a lot $600
-Gas block
-Front sight
-5.45 bolt
-Bolt carier (matching number to bolt)

Aks74u Bulgy:
-Sight block combo (new) $300
-Sight block combo, no threads with slide over booster $100
-Bulgy handguard set $200
-Russain handguard set $160

akmsu booster $200

Bulgarian "krinkov" lighted hanguard $200
(lightly sanded for BFPU look. Can easily be restored with paint)

Updated into smaller lots. I won't be breaking up the 105 kit. This is sold from Montana and shipping is included. Payment method is USPS money order. Thanks for looking.



I am a fan of AKs and I'm looking to learn more about them.
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Nice package man. If you do end up deciding to part it let me know!

guns yes.
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If you do part I'll take the Bulgarian 5.45 Bolt, AK-74 gas block and AK74 Front Sight Assembly altogether 400$ + flat rate shipping? Since those don't go on a krink, they should be okay to go separate without devaluing your other items as a whole. 🤗

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I would be interested in the Bulgy trunnion if you separate. PM me when you get to that point.

best of luck!
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