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Alright gentlemen,
I'm looking to make my saiga 223 a SBR and was looking for a little guidance.
I'm thinking about cutting the barrel between 9.25-10" and using a spikes tactical battle comp.
I have a venom tactical bolt on gas block and plan on shortening up the gas system about 2" and drilling a 90* port.

Now for the questions.
1. With my 9.25-10" barrel length should I see any key holing or is it long enough to stabilize the bullet?
2. If I go with the 10" barrel there will be about 1" between the gasblock and the end of the barrel, will there be enough pressure to cycle the bolt?
3. Anyone have a good starting point for gasport size? I don't want to overpressure the gun and on the other end I'd prefer not having to use a booster to get it to cycle reliably.
4. Any recommendations or anything that just sounds like it flat out won't work?

Thanks for the help.
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