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I’m sure this has been said before but i am truly grateful that Sauer supply exists. Many newer AK fans such as myself missed out on the golden age of imports/kits back in the day. Up until very recently Rguns was about the only place you could source a Russian AKM kit for a decent price, outside of them there wasn’t many options.

Not only does Sauer supply offer mint condition Russian AKM kits from both Izhmash and Tula but their kit production year range has also made early and late era Russian AKM’s accessible.

All of the kits we’ve seen posted to the forum thus far are beautiful and once built will be even more beautiful. I honestly cannot wait to see some of these brought back to life.

If you look on The_firearms_Vault’s Instagram page you can take a peek at some absolutely incredible early Tula Sauer supply kit builds that he himself built, i don’t know if they’ve been posted here or not but either way they look amazing. Me personally that’s the only place I’ve seen any of these Sauer supply kits built, if any of you know of any others that have been finished I’d love to see.

As a bonus, here’s the all matching 75 Izzy kit i got from Sauer supply the other day, not gonna go overboard with pics since there already plenty of other examples of 75 Izzy Sauer supply kits that have already been posted but I’ll show some of the highlights

Should make for a great build, hopefully i can pickup another one of these before they’re all gone, maybe an early era Izzy 60-62, somewhere in that range.

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