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WHY NOT? Might as well repost this here with the other .308 Saiga mag gibberish I've done...

FWIW, this is another approach to the issue of getting more cap for the saiga .308...


Basically, it uses a aluminum G3 mag cut just below the upper double layer, and, lips folded on it's top, to slide into the bottom of the standard Saiga mag.

The HK follower is used, but requires being cut at it's front (cut-off wheel on a Dremel works well) to "taper' it's front to fit the Saiga mag body -look at the Siaga follower as a guide. And, little light Dremel grinding on the sides of the follower is needed to "thin" the width & alow it to pass thru the Saiga mag body. The HK spring and floor plate is used.

FWIW, a little polish may be needed to get the new follower to pass well thru the junction of the two mags -the spring tension is usually strong enough to force the passage.

This will result in a quite reliable 25 round mag, and, is reversable -you can return the mag to stock configuration with ease.


The only mod to the standard Saiga mag I'd recommend is to file/Dremel a angle on the INSIDE of the back of the mag to help avoid a "step" that could snag the rear of a case as it passes thru the junction of the two mag bodies...It has no effect on return of the Saiga mag to the normal configuration.

I added a little epoxy fill at the front of the follower -not required, I suspect.

I do recommend that something be added to secure the joint of the two mag bodies -a pc. of bicycle inner tube should do fine.

For a little wacking on a $3 HK mag, the result is interesting.

Lollygagger :smile: (Yes! It is FUGLY!!!)
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