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Saiga .308 conversion. I converted it myself. When I was looking for the rifle to start this project I made sure to get one without the billboard import marks on the selector side. This has the newer small RAA import mark along the top of the side rail. Functions 100%. It has less than 2 boxes of shells through it, I only took it to the range once to site it in.

The scope is a variable 3-9x42 POSP with illuminated 1000 meter rangefinding ret, with correct AK-type mount. It took me forever to find this scope. Almost everything else was fixed power or the AK type range finder. I have both red and yellow/orange LEDs for it. I think I have a screw-on sun shield and some flip up lens covers also, but I'll have to make sure.

$950 shipped or FTF around St Louis for less. Will come with a factory 10rd mag. I can send pictures of anything. PM me or gmail- clange50
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