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Saiga 12 prices?

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What is the MSRP or average price on a new saiga 12 shotgun?
Just wondering as I was very close to buying one once for $425.
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That would be a good price I think. Lancaster has them for 549
That's wonderful. You can't hardly find them for $600 now.
Got my 19" threaded with BHO in 2005 for 349.00. I thought that was high.....lol.

Shoulda bought 2. :neutral: :goof:
i have balked at prices and shopped for a good deal pleanty. the reality is that if you want it , buy it. its never going to be worth $0. who know, could be worth twice that next year. fact still remains, if it will make you happy and not cause you financial distress, buy it...
550-600 seems to be the going rate
I just picked one up for under 600, a guy there told me he just found one going for 550.

I passed on one for 499 a while back and I have been kicking my self ever sense.
I put off buying one back when they were $300.... After that I decided it was time to get one.

mine is a 08 model with the manual bolt lock back feature.
If you can find one for less that $550 then you got a fairly good deal. The retail price has gone up by over $150 in just the last 8 months and by close to $250 in the last 24 months. Who knows what they will cost in another 6 months?

If the one you passed up on was in January and you are thinking you can get the same deal now, you are completely SOL. During the drought of Saiga 12s that lasted from February to August this year, they were going for $600-$900+ on Gunbroker for NIB guns. They have come down from that but only until the current imports dry up. Lots of demand (CenterFire had 900+ on their back-order list?!!), but not a lot of guns so don't expect them to come down in price soon.
Trying to find a Saiga 12 was worse than trying to find a wii.
And I lucked out and tripped over a wii just like I tripped over this saiga. :razz:
762hurts said:
Got my 19" threaded with BHO in 2005 for 349.00. I thought that was high.....lol.

Shoulda bought 2. :neutral: :goof:
EAA 2002 or 2003 $259

Should have bought 10
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