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Saddest thing to do when you lead...

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Tomorrow me and my EMS team will attend to the burial of one of our own....he died july 11th from the results of a motorcycle accident at 34 years of age. Arno is leaving two children and a wife.

Last week I came to know how lonely a teamleader's position can be, making arrangements and at the same time being there for my team.

At the same time tomorrow the Amsterdam police department will say farewell to a 28 year old officer shot in the line of duty on july 10th..

Both will be buried with full honour..

If you can spare them, prayers for the deceased and their families as well as the teams that will go on without them are much needed.


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sorry to hear it....

may they rest in peace.

Sorry to hear about this.

So how is the crime in Amsterdam? I am suprised to hear an officer got shot there. Was it drug related?

On the news they make it sound like there is no crime because they decriminalized alot of drugs or just stopped enforcing alot of drug laws so the USA should follow suit.
prayers sent
My Condolences to the families and prayers sent.
It is a very honorable thing to make your life's duty the service of others.
A job that is thankless,
Wow........my condolences and prayers Bas.

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