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I read somewhere that type II bayonets were produced from about 1968 to about 1984. I have here 3 issued Izhmash type II bayonets with 3 different type markings. Anyone have an idea when these 3 different markings were produced? From 19xx to 19xx?
L to R.
(1) Marked like the type I's. No marking on handles, 11 in a racetrack and CB in a dimond on the guard, arrow in a triangle below the ring on the lug that mates with the cleaning rod retainer. I am guessing this is early production.
(2) Marked with 11/2 and a arrow in a triangle mid way on the handle. Mid production maybe?
(3) Marked with 38/1 and a arrow in a triangle on the handle next to the guard. Late production?
I can't find any info on this and would welcome any imput or an educated guess. Also are there any marked any differently?
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