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Have to let go of some more mags from the collection. These are the "glass - filled" mags as they are commonly known. Both mags are in USED condition with wear (see descriptions and pictures)

Full size pics: https://imgur.com/a/2kZ5Vgz

The cracked one is a MOLD 1, still works just fine. External crack goes up about mid mag (to where Q-tip is pointing), internally the crack only goes up a couple inches. (see pics) Use as is, or a perfect candidate for a tanker conversion. $199 shipped [STILL AVAILABLE]

The other is Mold 10, no damage, just usual wear from use. $350 shipped SOLD

Different lighting:

Close ups of the Mold #1 damage:

As you can see internally, the spine crack doesn't go very high:

The external crack (thumb pointing to very top of it):
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