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-First "I'll take it", gets it. PM me after you post please!
-CROSS-POSTED so time stamp rules
-I accept discreet PayPal (no gun words! gift or +3%), USPS Money Orders, or Cash
-Shipping is $6 flat unless shipping to a ban state
-If you have any questions, please PM me.

For Ban States- Shipping to ban states will be $14 flat for up to 6 mags as I will ship the mags disassembled as legal parts kits. I will ship at your own risk- no refund if your order is seized.

Aluminum "Paratrooper" Waffle Mags
Pretty good used condition- no major wear and mostly just some light scratches. $65 each +shipping.
1- SOLD vohaus
2- SOLD Malev MO
3- SOLD Malev MO

Steel Slab Sides
1- Light Use, cleaned of cosmoline. Has a small sanding mark on base plate (pictured) $65+ shipping SOLD Sunspot

NOS w/ sanded spots - These 3 are new mags that are still caked in cosmoline (as you can see from their storage bags). I had them in the sun so I could wipe them off easily. All three have spots that have been sanded where there was previously rust(pictured), that's how they arrived to me from Russia a few years back. Beautiful, rust free mags except for those spots.
2- most sanding marks - $60+ shipping SOLD Malev MO
3- $65+ shipping SPF alramr1 forum
4- $65+ shipping SPF troyirving

Close up of sanding marks on #2:

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i'll take slab #1
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