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Plum issued condition handguards $35 shipped
Russian plum grips $25 shipped (all izzy, highest fleck $35). Grip screw $5
Plum butts from issued to NOS $35-$55 shipped! ALL RUSSIAN

RUSSIAN; AK 74 wood sets stripped and redone by me using old meghods pine tar and shellac. $160 ($220 for premium set with rubber pad. Lllllj2-3,AKM remain

CHEST RIGS; type 81 with 4 surplus Mags $82 shipped, pouches are NOS, Mags are typical surplus from bad to perfect with most bring in the middle.


MOLOT RPK 5.45 rib mags. $100-120 these are aesthetic only blems from Molot. Functions flawless and cones as new not previously inserted in rifle!
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