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The original authentic products from Russia all products made only in Russia and the USSR
I do not sell drams,barrels,bolt

I accept Western Union, transferwise

The quota for messages is small, I ask for all questions to contact on Emeil [email protected]

I offer worldwide delivery or your money back. I will provide a full refund or send replacement parts for free, your choice, if your order is not delivered.
My motto is: product or full refund.
FREE Shipping
Shipping is included in all my prices. Transit time is generally between 15-30 days, but can take 2-3 months, sometimes longer depending on problems both with Russian and US customs.

To avoid any misunderstanding, the below customs problems are the three most common that I experience in Russia which can increase your delivery time.

Problem number 1:
"returned by the customs of Russia" (Возвращено таможней)- this means the goods arrived at the Russian customs office and the customs officer banned the shipment. In this case the goods are returned to me. I will then assign the new tracking number and send the goods again.
If you see the status of "returned" - write to me, most likely I have already resent the goods and will notify you of the new tracking number - I can not always write to you, because the forum message quota does not allow me to store the history of correspondence to find you promptly.

Problem number 2:
"Arrived at the border of Russia" (Прибыло на границу) or "Admission to the customs"(Приём на таможню) - the tracking information is not updated for more than 3-5 days - the goods are detained by customs, most likely the goods are lost and will not be returned to me. The Russion customs office retains these. -write me, I will either send a second set of goods to you, or return your money, based on our communication.

Problem number 3 (the most common):
"Sent from Russia"(Отправлено из России) track is not updated for more than 5 days or the status "Sent from Russia" repeats - customs clearance is completed successfully, there are no threats, but the aviation security service sees a suspicious product through an x-ray for a weapon and refuses to let such packages aboard an airliner
The goods are redirected by land transportation by sea by boat — it’s not scary and you don’t have to worry, just wait, delivery takes an average of 30-60 days (sometimes more, but this is rare).

Magazine bodies and buttstocks are the most affected by these problems.

To get the most up to date status of your package while in the Russian mail system, you can always go to https://www.pochta.ru/tracking.

Original Russian mags
Molot bake 45rd 25 pcs $ 700
Izzy bake 2pcs+Tula bake 8 pcs+7 Izzy black+2 plum Tula=$ 500
for all mags(43 pcs)=$ 1100


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1.120$ black

2.100$ plum

3.100 $ plum

4.130 $ black

5. 130 $ black

6. 130$ black

7. 130$

8. 110$

9. 100 $

10. 120$

11. 100$

12. AKS74U 140 $ gas tube in gift 4,5 pin smooth stock

13. 160$
HG unused
stock used
pg AK47 T2 refinish
all in good condition

14. 130 $
HG unused
stock used
PG unused

15. 99 $

16. 50$ plum Tula

17. 50$ plum IzhMash

18. 100$ plum

19. 85$ black

20. 130 $ WOOD NEW

21. 130$ plywood NEW

22. 180$ SOLD

23. 99 $ plum

24. 99 $ black

25. 99 $ black

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Russian barrel parts for RPK74 490$

Russian barrel parts AK74 early ZigZag muzzle 380$

Russian barrel parts AK74 late moon muzzle 380$

Russian barrel parts AK105 400$


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Updates payment methods and goods
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