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PRICE DROP Russian Laminate Wood Sets T3, AKM, Cheap Used/BFPU/Project Sets, T1 PG

ANOTHER PRICE DROP 08/24! Want these sets gone! If you want more than one set, send me offers!

The few remaining sets are marked "STILL AVAILABLE >"

Have some more Russian Soviet wood furniture sets for your consideration.

-First "I'll take it", gets it. PM me after you post please!
-CROSS-POSTED so time stamp rules
-I accept discreet PayPal (no gun words! gift or +3%), USPS Money Orders, or Cash
-If you have any questions, please PM me.
-All parts are in E Stroudsburg, PA. If you are local and are interested in a few items, we can meet up.

Feel free to shoot me some offers if you'd like multiple sets, I'd like to move all this stuff quickly to free up some storage space :D

Type 1 pistol grips:
Need to be purchased with a wood set, or you can buy all the T1 grips together at a discount!
STILL AVAILABLE > All NOS condition with a little bit of storage wear/very light surface rust on the metal parts. : $14 shipped each (4x available) 2x SOLD barmonkey
STILL AVAILABLE > The bottom set has heavier rust on the metal parts : $12 shipped (1x available)

Russian Soviet Type 3 Milled wood sets - Blonde ALL SOLD
All in NOS condition with cosmoline on the metal parts, light storage wear unless noted
A47 NOS $65 shipped SOLD Hunglo ar
B47 NOS $65 shipped SOLD redbaran forum
C47 NOS- has a bit more storage wear than NOS, does not have ferrule on HG $55 shipped SOLD billydonk
D47 NOS- has a bit more storage wear than NOS, does not have ferrule on HG $55 shipped SOLD TurboCobra
E47 NOS-- has a bit more storage wear than NOS, does not have ferrule on HG, upper hand guard is cracked in half, could easily be glued back together $45 shipped SOLD barmonkey

Russian Soviet Type 3 Milled Laminate wood sets - Reddish Brown BOTH SOLD
THESE ARE THE ONLY ONES I HAVE, PLEASE STOP asking me if I have any more. I've had 6 or 7 different people ask me already, no dice ;)
All parts are NOS, has some light storage wear, mostly on the handguards.
F47 NOS: $95 shipped SOLD sterlnikov
G47 NOS-: the upper handguard has part of it cracked off (pictured), but still usable and would probably be unnoticed once it is installed $90 shipped SOLD sterlnikov

Used Tula AKM sets BOTH SOLD
Look a bit lighter in person, in the right light the dark red looks great. Both sets come with Tula bakelite pistol grips. Have mismatched upper handguards
Tula A $85 shipped SOLD boatma1
Tula B $85 shipped SOLD techno

Got some Russian Mismatched MixMaster wood sets that have been forgotten/abused - wood sets that would be perfect for a project/refinish. Wood sets have caked cosmoline (some with paper stuck to it), rust, stains, mismatched, and various degrees of mild to heavy wear (scratches, dents, chips, etc). All parts are still in usable condition, no cracks or anything like that. These are being sold as PROJECT SETS - for refinish or to throw on your ugly duckling build - hence the price:wink_smal. All sets come with RUSSIAN bakelite pistol grips unless otherwise noted.

Nicer MixMaster - these have little-to-no rust on the metal parts, wood in much better condition ALL SOLD
A :$75 shipped SOLD ArmySurplus ar
B :$60 shipped SOLD waffenmacht
C :$75 shipped SOLD FloridaMan
D :$75 shipped SOLD brownstown
E :$75 shipped SOLD unrock ar
F :$68 shipped SOLD walker ar
All sets come with Russian bakelite pistol grips

Standard Project MixMaster - As mentioned, could have: rust, gunk, dents, chips, the little cleaning kit door in the buttplate being frozen open, etc but still usable as is (for a super BFPU or crusty pirate gun) or ready for a deep clean, strip, sanding and refinish.
PA : $38 shipped SOLD luxtux
PB : $40 shipped SOLD joelp23 ar
PC : $60 shipped SOLD krink999
PD : $45 shipped SOLD crowak2
PE : $50 shipped SOLD
PF : $42 shipped SOLD joelp23 ar
PG : $38 shipped SOLD fks4l ar
STILL AVAILABLE > PH : has RPK lower HG, does not come with a pistol grip $30 shipped
P~I :This set is an oddball- looks like it was already refinished with some additions. No rust with very little wear. Has a BIG DENT (pictured below) on the top of the stock. $65 shipped SOLD clownbaby forum

Better condition Project MixMaster sets - still has wear and whatnot, but much less wear/damage than standard condition project MM sets. Also less rust/gunk.
P+ A $50 shipped SOLD waffenmacht
P+ B $60 shipped SOLD clownbaby forum
STILL AVAILABLE > P+ C $42 shipped


That big dent in P~I

STILL AVAILABLE > Refinished '74 Set $75 shipped
Looks like it was refinished at some point as it's pretty smooth and shiny in direct light. Has some wear and a chip by the end that fits in the received (pictured)

STILL AVAILABLE > NOS AK74 handguard mixmatched set- has some standard storage wear: $28 shipped

P+ D : $57 shipped SOLD crffl


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I will take set #pc sending pm

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Dang, got any more of them Russian T3 sets in the red brown?

Ditto to to this question. I need a set if you do. Thanks!

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I’ll take Tula B

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