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ONLY ONE LEFT Russian Bakelite Geiger Counter Boxes - Large and Small

Bakelite Geiger Counter Boxes

CROSS-POSTED so Time Stamp rules! Please PM me after claiming your box/boxes.

Only a few remain (marked with "STILL AVAILABLE")

Full size pics here: https://imgur.com/a/UPvq9be

These are Soviet Russian "Bakelite" Geiger Counter boxes. Empty obviously (since the box is the real cool part) What you see is what I have. Mag is there for size reference only. Basically new old stock condition with storage wear (light scratches- mostly on bottoms and front latches), NO cracks or dents (unless otherwise specified). May have some tape residue, paint, or other residue on the outsides (usually the bottom - see pics) Still have some soft material inside, yours to remove too if ya wanna. Some also have an old label, some sticker or tape residue, or an itty bitty bit of paint on them, once again easy to remove with some elbow grease.

Shipping to CONUS ONLY, Hawaii and Alaska will cost more.

Info: See pics for size references
Smalls: 90 ��'ed each
- 2lbs 3oz, 8"x5"x6"

Large/Bigs: 130 ��'ed each
- 4lbs 9oz, 14"x5"x6"
Have a low divider on the inside (see pics)

SMALLS - These all have a little bit of "oxidation" on the metal parts - by that I mean black/grey speckling (see pics). Does not effect function at all.
A: $90 SOLD Alan A
B: $90 SOLD Jesse/Louis
C: $90 shipped SOLD HWNSTYLX
STILL AVAILABLE D: $90 shipped
E: $90 SPF Eugene S [MO]
F: $90 SOLD Chad G
G: $90 SOLD Chad G
H: "Blem" - has more "oxidation" on the metal parts than the others - see labeled pic. $85 SOLD Chad G
I: "Blem" - has a scratch on the front corner - see labeled pic. $85 shipped SOLD HWNSTYLX

Example of some of the "oxidation" on the metal parts:

J: $130 SOLD Jesse JD
K: $130 shipped SOLD SU
L: $130 SOLD Alan A
M: $130 SOLD Ron W
N: $130 SOLD Douglas T
O: $130 has some interesting raised texture, NOT damage (see pic marked O with arrows) SOLD Rodi M
P: $130 SOLD Chad G
Q: Blem - has 2x long scratches on the front, but is the lightest orange color out of the entire batch. $130 SOLD Bobby B

If you are local to Saylorsburg, PA area- you are welcome to check some out in person and get a discount off each box.

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I have both of these and love them, on the larger one I took the Dremel to the wall inside, used some padding, and now it holds 4 bayonets perfectly..almost like a display as they sit vertical, side by side..I'll try to get a pic up...

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I'll take D
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