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Update 02/09/18
Only one pistol grip and the damaged dustcover remains, everything else is SOLD

I have some parts for the new Russian AK74M Modernization (AK74-M3 / "New" AK12) for sale. All parts are new.

FUN FACT: The upgraded AK74M is not called the AK-74M3 in Russia, they first called it the KM-AK (комплекс модернизации автомата Калашникова) [basically meaning Upgrade Kit for Kalashnikov], which then became KMC (комплект модернизации стрелковый) [Upgraded Kalashnikov]. It's nickname at the Izhmash factory is "Ratnik".

Parts are in Stroud, PA, USA.
I accept discreet Paypal, USPS Money Orders, or Cash.

These are the same type of parts seen in this Vicker's video:
Some reference screen shots from video:

Ratnik Folding Stock:
This is a folding stock for a standard fixed stock rear trunnion. Folds and locks to the left. Stock has 5 different positions.

These are part of the "AK Modernization" program in Russia. Replaces standard AKM or 74 fixed stock and turns it into a length adjustable and folding stock. Folds to the left like a traditional AK folding stock.

The left stock (without cheek riser) is Very Good Used condition. A few light scratches on the stock and tube (pictured). Hinge is still in excellent condition. $575 shipped via USPS Priority SOLD TD forum

The RIGHT stock (WITH cheek riser) is SOLD

Ratnik Pistol Grips - $90 each shipped 2x SOLD, 1x SOLD TD forum

Only the grip on the far right is still available, it does not have any ink stamps.
All NEW condition. Have an insert to hold cleaning tools and oil (tools in the one picture ARE NOT INCLUDED, that is just for size reference)

Example of what could fit in there (tools not included):

Example of what could fit in there (tools not included):

Ratnik Dustcover Assembly
Also, after over a year of searching and a lot of palm greasing, I finally received a Ratnik dustcover assembly. 2x actually, but one is crushed and unless can be re-bent to shape is just for parts or display:

Complete left, Crushed right (notice the little spots of rust on the exposed steel):

Complete left, Crushed right:

The complete one is in Very Good + condition with little-to-no wear. Comes with the hinge, sight, recoil assembly/mount, and 2x specific rivets (rivets are similar design to an AR sling swivel rivet) Need to press the rivets to properly install it to your rear sight block. $610 shipped for it. SOLD TD forum

The crushed one is crushed (obviously ;P ), the rail could still be used on a different cover, retaining pin still works. Has some light surface rust on the exposed metal towards rear (pictured). DOES NOT come with the other attachment parts like the complete one. $130 shipped for this one.
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