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I have some parts for the new Russian AK74M Modernization (AK74-M3 / "New" AK12) for sale. All parts are new.

FUN FACT: The upgraded AK74M is not called the AK-74M3 in Russia, they first called it the KM-AK (комплекс модернизации автомата Калашникова) [basically meaning Upgrade Kit for Kalashnikov], which then became KMC (комплект модернизации стрелковый) [Upgraded Kalashnikov]. It's nickname at the Izhmash factory is "Ratnik".

Parts are in Stroud, PA, USA.
I accept discreet Paypal, USPS Money Orders, or Cash.
Not really looking for any trades, but can't hurt to offer (Russian kits, optics, parts, and rifles preferably).


Stock - $580 SOLD
Remaining pistol grip - $85 SOLD

OR BOTH for $655 shipped

These are the same type of parts seen in this Vicker's video:
Some reference screen shots from video:

Folding Stock:
This is a folding stock for a standard fixed stock rear trunnion. Folds and locks to the left. Stock has 5 different positions. Stock has been mounted (has a tiny bit of wear on part that fits inside receiver - pictured) but otherwise is brand new. Has plenty of ink proof stamps. Has some writing in pencil on the side of the stock from the factory (pictured - bullet pointing at it) $580 shipped CONUS

The faint writing on stock from the factory:

Pistol Grips:
2x available, both new. Have removable oil bottle/parts storage containers that fit inside PG.
$85 shipped for the one WITHOUT screw
$95 shipped for the one WITH screw SOLD jim1958

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